Milan to Portofino by Car - Discover the Dreamy Drive

Jan 27, 2024


Welcome to, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable road trip from Milan to Portofino. We take immense pride in providing top-tier car rental services, along with a wide range of hotels and travel options to make your journey seamless and memorable. Join us as we embark on this dreamy adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Italy.

Exploring the Route

When it comes to experiencing the beauty of Italy, the drive from Milan to Portofino is a true gem. The route takes you through breathtaking panoramas, charming towns, and coastal delights that will leave you in awe. Get ready to witness a remarkable blend of nature, culture, and history as you traverse this scenic journey.

Milan - Starting Point of Enchantment

Your journey commences in Milan, the vibrant fashion capital of Italy. Begin your adventure by picking up your rental car from Our extensive fleet ensures your comfort and style as you hit the road towards Portofino. Take some time to explore Milan's iconic landmarks like the magnificent Duomo di Milano, the historic Sforza Castle, or indulge in a shopping spree at the glamorous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Genoa - The Gateway to the Riviera

As you continue your drive, you'll reach the vibrant city of Genoa. Known as the gateway to the Italian Riviera, Genoa offers a perfect blend of architectural wonders and picturesque harbors. Make a stop here to visit the Genoa Aquarium, one of the largest and most captivating aquariums in Europe. Stroll through the narrow streets of the historic center, where you'll be greeted by vibrant shops and delicious local cuisine.

Portofino - Paradise on the Italian Riviera

Finally, your journey culminates in the idyllic coastal town of Portofino. Nestled on the Italian Riviera, this postcard-perfect destination is known for its colorful buildings, luxury yachts, and crystal-clear waters. Explore the enchanting Portofino Harbor, where you can soak in the mesmerizing views and indulge in delectable seafood at waterfront restaurants. Don't miss the chance to visit Castello Brown, a cliffside fortress offering panoramic vistas of the town.

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Extensive Hotel Options

At, we understand the importance of finding the perfect accommodation. Whether you prefer luxurious hotels, cozy boutique stays, or budget-friendly options, our extensive network of partners allows us to cater to your unique preferences. Rest assured, we'll arrange the best-suited hotel to suit your needs and make your stay in Portofino truly remarkable.

Travel Assistance and Recommendations

Planning a road trip involves more than just getting from point A to point B. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you with personalized travel recommendations. From suggesting the best attractions to visit along the route to providing insider tips on local hidden gems, we ensure you make the most of your Milan to Portofino journey.


Embark on an enchanting journey from Milan to Portofino by car with Experience the beauty of Italy as you drive through captivating landscapes, vibrant cities, and coastal wonders. With our top-notch car rental services, extensive hotel options, and personalized travel assistance, we guarantee a seamless and unforgettable adventure. Book your journey today and create memories that will last a lifetime.