$75 million Midway Airport concession revamp cleared for takeoff

Jan 6, 2019


Welcome to Taxi One's comprehensive guide on the exciting $75 million Midway Airport concession revamp that is set to completely transform the ground transportation experience at Midway Airport. As a leading player in the Travel and Tourism - Ground Transportation industry, Taxi One is thrilled to share the details of this major upgrade that will benefit both travelers and the local community.

The Grand Vision

The grand vision behind the $75 million Midway Airport concession revamp is to enhance the overall passenger experience, streamline operations, and continue positioning Midway Airport as a premier travel hub. This investment demonstrates a commitment to providing world-class services and facilities for travelers from all around the globe.

Enhanced Facilities

The concession revamp includes a series of improvements to the existing facilities at Midway Airport. These enhancements aim to create a modern and efficient environment for travelers. Some of the key upgrades include:

  • An expanded and redesigned taxi area with improved queuing systems to optimize passenger flow.
  • State-of-the-art digital displays and signage to provide travelers with real-time updates on available transportation options.
  • Upgraded waiting areas with comfortable seating, charging stations, and amenities for a more pleasant experience while awaiting transportation.
  • Improved accessibility features to cater to passengers with disabilities or special needs.

New Technology

As part of the concession revamp, Midway Airport is adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and convenience of ground transportation services. Among the exciting technological innovations:

  1. An advanced mobile application developed in partnership with Taxi One, allowing users to book taxis, track their arrival, and make payments seamlessly.
  2. Integrated smart kiosks throughout the airport, enabling passengers to easily access information, book transportation, and even explore local attractions.
  3. A robust digital infrastructure providing high-speed internet connectivity and access to online travel resources.
  4. Enhanced security measures to ensure passenger safety and peace of mind.

Better Sustainability Practices

In line with Taxi One's commitment to sustainability, the Midway Airport concession revamp places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices. This includes:

  • Implementation of electric vehicle charging stations to encourage the use of electric taxis and reduce carbon emissions.
  • The incorporation of energy-efficient lighting systems and sustainable materials in the construction and renovation of facilities.
  • Collaboration with local organizations to promote carpooling and ride-sharing initiatives.
  • Comprehensive recycling programs and waste management strategies to minimize environmental impact.

Collaboration and Partnership

The successful execution of the $75 million Midway Airport concession revamp would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. Taxi One is proud to have played a significant role in shaping the project, working closely with airport authorities, local government, and industry leaders to ensure a seamless transition and a world-class ground transportation experience.


The $75 million Midway Airport concession revamp is poised to revolutionize the way ground transportation operates at Midway Airport. With enhanced facilities, technological advancements, sustainability initiatives, and strong partnerships, this exciting upgrade sets new industry standards. As a leading provider in the Travel and Tourism - Ground Transportation sector, Taxi One is thrilled to be a part of this transformation and looks forward to serving passengers with excellence and innovation.

Joseph Abbonizio
👏 Exciting upgrade for Midway Airport!
Oct 7, 2023